Newday Band

FEATUREDPosted by admin on April 21, 2013

Newday band on UK 2013 tour with special guest Guvna B.

Featuring Guvna B as special guest, Simon Brading leading and Adrian Holloway preaching. I was main FOH/Mons engineer, organising all audio for the event. 

Channel list included full miked drum kit, synth, keys, backing track, click, MD mic, acoustic guitar, 2 x electric, bass, 4 x BV, lead vocal and rapper.

FOH/Mons desk: Allen & Heath GL4000
FOH rig: 3kW Point source
Monitor rig: Full 9 way IEMs & 4 wedges

Location: Darlington, UK
Date: 21 April 2013

Audio assistant: Nathan Myers
Lighting: Paul Pell-Ilderton
AV: James Thompson
Manager: Paul Saxton